Gates of Mirnah

Gates of Mirnah is an upcoming story-driven sci-fi action adventure game powered by the Unreal Engine and will be available for PC and console.

The energy-based combat system of Gates of Mirnah guarantees fun, action and variety.

Use your parkour movements and solve tricky platform puzzles to reach hidden places.

Unlock new abilities by solving beautiful music puzzles.

Experience a meaningful story of friendship, betrayal and hope.

Explore the mysterious world of the alien starfarers called the Strangers.

Our game combines these different elements into a completely new gaming experience.


On your journey you will encounter many different enemies, from small creatures that make your skin crawl to monstrous creatures. You must overcome dangerous obstacles and solve challenging puzzles to change the fate of humanity.


Gates of Mirnah is a story about a lost future. Follow the path of two brave astronauts on their fight to save mankind. Explore the mysterious world of the Strangers and immerse yourself in the culture of this ancient tribe of star travelers.