Gates of Mirnah - Presskit

Fact Sheet

Developer: Numbermill GmbH
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Release Date: to be Determined
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox
Price: to be Determined
Availability: Digital Download
Languages: English, German
Press Contact:


Gates of Mirnah is an upcoming story-driven sci-fi action adventure game powered by the Unreal Engine and will be available for PC and console. The energy-based combat system of Gates of Mirnah guarantees fun, action and variety. Use your parkour movements and solve tricky platform puzzles to reach hidden places. Unlock new abilities by solving beautiful music puzzles. Experience a meaningful story of friendship, betrayal and hope. Explore the mysterious world of the alien starfarers called the Strangers far away in space. Our game combines these different elements into a completely new gaming experience.


The "Gates of Mirnah" project began at the end of 2017 and has come a long way since then. At gamescom 2018 we presented a first prototype. The development of a demo version of Gates of Mirnah started in spring 2019. A lot of new game elements were added to the game and the development of the demo started almost from scratch. We were able to show an early stage of development at gamescom 2019. A downloadable version of the project will be available at gamescom 2020 and Kickstarter will be tackled afterwards. Currently five team members are working on Gates of Mirnah.


Story Driven: Gates of Mirnah has an interwoven story with several intertwined storylines. Some examples: the lost team, the mysterious Strangers, hostile creatures and the fate of mankind.

Combat: Many different encounters ensure that you get your daily dose of fast paced real time combat. Manage your energy, shoot projectiles, shockwaves, dodge projectiles and use energy shields to protect you from harm.

Parcour: Use wallrunning, climbing and many more parcour moves to explore the challenging environment.

Exploration: Find lots of different hidden spots with treasures, story bits and trophies.

Puzzles: Solve various tricky puzzles. Use your reflexes, logic and rhythm.



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