Entry 2 - What we are doing right now -

Overall Production

At the moment we are working on completing the demo and begin with the first preparations for our Kickstarter Campaign.


With Gates of Mirnah we tried to find a different approach to the music and sound design of the game. Gates of Mirnah has a special background with surprising twists and deep messages. We wanted to underline this with music that emphasizes just that. So we avoid a typical epic style and put more subtle and complex sounds into the game. To achieve this, we use first-class virtual instruments (VST) from renowned manufacturers. First and foremost these are sound libraries from Spitfireaudio, 8Dio and NativeInstruments. The music is a mixture of real analog instruments, sampled instruments and synthetic sounds. You will be able to listen to minimalist music just like multi-layered soundscapes that can consist of a few sounds up to well over 50 instruments.For the sound design of an alien environment with its extraordinary inhabitants, we develop our own sounds that you will never have been heard before.

We hope that with this music and sound design Gates of Mirnah will also be an auditory delight.

Gates of Mirnah - Theme-Samples


The Artists have completed almost all of their tasks and will be switching over to more in depth testing and trailer production soon.

Our animator created a more dynamic climbing animation for Mason which enables him to reach higher ledges.


Our programmers are working on the last systems to give our players a good first experience in the Gates of Mirnah demo.

The climbing system got an update which connects the new animations and blends them together so that we have a smooth transition between different animations.