Here a some pictures from gamescom 2019. We presented a new demo of our game Gates of Mirnah.

A lot of gamers tried the demo and gave us an overwhelming positive feedback for the demo. We thank everyone for playing Gates of Mirnah at our booth. It was a great pleasure for us to be with you at gamescome 2019.

Most of the time the PC was occupied and the team was very busy :).

gamescom 1

gamescom 2

gamescom 3

About Numbermill GmbH

We are an Indie-Team located in Solingen, Germany. We want to create a world in which you can get lost for some time while having fun and maybe even learn something for the "real" you!

We know an Indie-Team has limitations, but we want to push us as far as possible to deliver a good and polished game. We want our game to be enjoyable by everyone so we produce as gamers for gamers.

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