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Friday 17th of January 2020

In this post we talk about the background of Gates of Mirnah and what the road so far has been.
Early 2015 we had the first idea about a game which revolved around sci-fi, adventure and different music-puzzles. First we worked on a Midi-Module which would later help us with the creation of puzzles based on soundtracks. Apart from the technical work we started composing themes and soundtracks fitting to the story line. We wanted to get a good understanding of setting the mood with music and sound.
In 2016 we developed the sci-fi-setting further. We started to create different alien lifeforms and ideas on how they could behave. At this point in time it the project was still in the concepting phase, We were concentratred on coding, Music and developing the story.
Later in the year 2017 the project Gates of Mirnah got the green light. We developed the game further into what it is now: an action-adventure with music-puzzles. We began creating a 3d world, characters, creatures, puzzles, combatsystem and did the first steps into creating a parcoursystem.
At gamescom 2018 we were able to show our promising concept to many players from all over the world. Most of the collected feedback was positive and we finally had a proof of concept. We had a lot of fun with the players discussing the gameplay while they play the concept demo. With all the feedback and impressions from gamescom we sat down to improve Gates of Mirnah, focussed on making the best game we can possibly create.
In 2019 we worked tirelessly on rebuilding a lot of subsystems and pretty much cleaning up the project: We replaced all the C++ code with Unreal Blueprints, which are much easier to maintain in the future. We introduced a new type of platform puzzle. We added a new climbing system. We changed the music puzzles to be much more accessable for all type of players. We reworked our 3D-assets and animations to improve the player experience. The next public test was at gamescom 2019 at the Indie-Village. We had lots of visitors and again lots of positive responses for the brand new alpha-version – although some parts of the demo were still missing at that time. For us it was a great experience and we even got articles in blogs dedicated to Gates of Mirnah (Thanks for that!).
After gamescom 2019 we went on integrating new ideas into the game. In order to flesh out some story elements we spent also some time to reimagine some parts of our background storyline.
Thats it for this weeks dev-blog. Next week we will shine some light on our plans for 2020.

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